Tip of the Month: Practicing Mindfulness

“Children are great observers. Not talking about something doesn’t mean we aren’t communicating.
Children can read messages on our faces, in our posture, in our affection.
We express ourselves by what we do, what we say, and also what we do not say.”
-Dr. Aliza Pressman


Practicing Mindfulness can help kids learn to focus, manage stress, regulate emotions, and develop a positive outlook. However, parents practicing it themselves may have the greatest impact in children. Please see the tips below on how to teach mindfulness at home and we encourage you to practice alongside your children. Think of this as maintenance or fitness for your family’s emotional and mental health!

•Quiet your mind with a “brain break.” Take a deep breath and calm yourselves for three to five minutes to quiet the mind, be present, and just focus. Parents can encourage their kids to take a brain break during homework time, during stressful        situations, or simply when transitioning from one activity to the next.
•Go on “listening walks.” Encourage your children to practice mindfulness during everyday activities, like walking and eating, to teach kids to truly be in that moment and not thinking about tomorrow’s math test or Saturday’s birthday party. During your walk ask children what sounds they hear, what the sounds remind them of, and how they help them remember a happy time or appreciate a happy experience.
•Engage with food. For mindful tasting, talk about the importance of being mindfully aware when we are eating and focusing on each morsel and what does it taste like. There is a lot of research on watching TV when we are eating, and we will tend to eat more instead of taking our time to be present in that particular moment.
•Use an app like Stop, Breathe & Think. If you are having trouble with getting your child to wind down this free app can be used for those ages 5-10. It has a series of mindfulness activities for kids that help with focus, peaceful sleep, and quiet time. Users are encouraged to check into their emotions with emojis, and they get stickers for completing their mindfulness missions.

To read the full article please visit: https://www.parents.com/health/healthy-happy-kids/why-and-how-to-teach-kids-mindfulness/#:~:text=Practicing%20mindfulness%20can%20help%20kids%20learn%20to%20focus%2C,outlook.%20Here%27s%20how%20to%20teach%20them%20the%20skill

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