Foster And Adoption Support Team (FAST)

What is FAST?

The FAST program was designed by HRT to support families and children that are involved in foster care, adoptive care or kinship care to increase their stability and to ultimately prevent disruption. These children must be enrolled in AHCCCS and Mercy Maricopa Integrated Care (MMIC), and they are or have been involved in the DCS/child welfare system. This program is designed to work directly with the entire family system, highlighting the strengths and needs to provide support over an intensive period of 60 days (on average). This program is intended to assist the primary caregivers in adapting to meet the needs of the children placed, prevent disruptions, and higher levels of care. FAST uses a trauma-informed perspective, as the belief is that every child that has been removed from a caregiver has potential trauma responses. A team is comprised of a Clinical Supervisor, a Family Support Specialist and a Family Resource Aide. Each has their own role to assist the child and the family in the following areas:

  • Behavioral health system navigation/collaboration, DCS system navigation/collaboration
  • Support and psychoeducation as to behavioral challenges that the child may be facing
  • Full functional family assessment
  • Collaboration with CFT process, Medical, Behavioral Health, and Psychiatric Services
  • Identification and implementation of behavioral modification strategies in the home (Skills training/Development, Home care training/Family support, Personal care)
  • Ongoing support and community resource suggestions
  • Short respite time

What can foster/adoptive/kinship families expect from this service?

This program is an in-home service, designed to work with the child(ren) and the foster/adoptive//kinship family as a whole. An assessment is completed with the family and our Clinical Supervisor in the home to assess strengths and needs. Service delivery is then determined based on the family and child(ren)’s needs. It is essential that the CFT be included in the service delivery and the foster/adoptive/kinship family be willing to work collaboratively with FAST to implement suggested interventions and work toward the service plan goals.


Is this program modeled after an evidenced based practice?

FAST utilizes the Child Safety in Foster Care best practice standards for foster and kinship homes. We also utilize the SAFE model for foster care support, utilizing the recommended Protective Factors and Nurturing Parenting models.

What AHCCCS-covered services are provided by the FAST Program?

The FAST program is individualized to the needs of the client and family (Not all services may be appropriate and will be determined by the CFT and legal guardian). The following services and service codes can be provided by the FAST program:

  • Home Care Training/Family Support (S5110)
  • Skills Training and Development (H2014)
  • Personal Care (T1019)
  • Unskilled Respite (S5150)
  • Case Management (T1016)
  • Counseling – Initial FBA only (H0004)

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Behavioral Health Programs Supervisor: Alyssa Foote, MS,, 602-703-0729

Clinical Supervisor: Amna Gilmore, LPC,, 480-207-9584


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