“HRT not only looks out for the children that come into foster care, but they look out for the foster parents. They believed in us, which means the world to us and for that we just say, thank you, thank you, thank you!” – Anthony and Kyle, Foster Dads

“Foster care has changed my life in ways that I could not have imagined and truly makes me feel a sense of purpose. I learned very quickly that all the preconceived notions I had about becoming a foster parent and how it would feel are exactly the opposite. My husband and I know the main goal of foster care is reunification, but all the time spent going through the licensing process never truly prepared us for the day DCS walked into our home and handed us a tiny, almost 2-week-old baby boy. At that very moment, I could never have imagined that our journey would be what it is today. After a couple rough weeks of crying at the thought of having to say goodbye and not knowing anything about the foster care system, I had this sort of “AHA” moment as to why my husband and I are doing this. I had to take us out of the equation because this wasn’t about us. This was about reuniting a family. I got to know our little guy’s Mom and her story and realized we weren’t just keeping her baby safe, but we were potentially saving her life. We chose to be part of her team and believe that she could succeed. This journey has changed my whole family’s life because it taught us all that even when people make the wrong choices, you can come back from this. ​​​​​​​Your current situation is not your final destination!” – Ashely, Foster Mom


“We started our adoption journey with HRT and had the most wonderful experience. We have always wanted to expand our family and prayed and prayed, and HRT helped us do just that. We met our little guy and started visits so we could get to know him, and he could get to know us. There were days of snacks, crayons, cameras, playgrounds, and lots of smiles. I feel like we blinked and all of a sudden we were a family. Prayers have been answered and we can honestly say the process has been incredible!” – Anonymous Adoption Certified Parent


Advice on starting your Foster Care Journey: “Be ready for a roller coaster of a ride! Be vulnerable, be honest, be communicative. Try to understand that a foster child is experiencing grief and loss when they come into a new foster home. They’ve lost everything familiar to them. Be patient, be attentive, and be trauma informed.” – Rhonda, HRT Intake Specialist

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