HRT Foster Care - A Family of Families

Human Resource Training’s Foster Care Program encompasses all levels of foster care; including regular, emergency care, medically fragile, and respite care. HRT ‘s main office for foster care is located in Phoenix, AZ with satellite offices in both Northern and Western Arizona. HRT prides itself on its strength-based approach to foster care and provides individualized support to foster parents. HRT provides both pre-service and on-going training to foster parents as well as 24-hour on-call numbers. Our foster children come from many sources including Child Protective Services, Juvenile Court and several tribal communities. HRT foster parents make a difference in both Arizona’s future and a child’s life.

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FAQ’s About Foster Care & Adoption

What is HRT foster care?
What makes a good foster parent?
What are the rewards of becoming a foster parent?
What are challenges of becoming a foster parent?
What types of children come into foster care?
How are American Indian Youth served?
Is there really a need for foster parenting?
Is there a need for people to take sibling groups?
Is every foster child eventually reunited with his or her natural family?
Do I have to have contact with the natural parents of my foster child?
What is a HRT Licensing Worker?
Will my HRT Licensing Worker visit my home?
What is the difference between my HRT Licensing Worker and a CPS Case Manager?
What are HRT’s strengths?
What type of ongoing support does HRT provide?
What different types of foster parenting does HRT offer?
Do foster parents receive financial assistance?
What is the rate of reimbursement?
How long will a foster child live with me?
Do I get to pick the type of child I want to work with?
Do I get to pick the age and sex of my foster child?
What do I do if I need a vacation? Can my foster child come with me on vacation?
If I have an emergency what happens to my foster child?
What do I do if my foster child has to go to the hospital or gets sick?
Do I have to pay for daycare for my foster child?
What if my foster child and I do not get along?
Does HRT provide ongoing training?
Is it true that foster parents cannot spank their foster child?
Do I have to provide transportation?
What types of meetings do I have to attend?

Adoption FAQ

What Adoption Services do you provide?
Is there a fee?
What are the requirements to be certified to adopt?
What is the difference between foster care and adoption?
Do I receive reimbursement for adoption?
How do I start?
Can I do both foster care and adoptions?