Parent Aide Services & Counseling

holding handsParenting Skills program provides counseling and parent aide services for individuals and families who are in the process of investigation or resolution of issues related to DCS involvement. Counseling and Parent Aide Services are two separate programs, contracted through DCS.

Counselors are either PH.D. or Master’s level therapists. Their services are provided in our Tempe office. All counselors have a minimum of 24 hours of training on clinical issues per year. They are either licensed or participate in weekly supervision with a certified professional counselor.

Parent Aides are either Bachelor’s level or experienced technicians. All parent aides receive 30 hours of DCS directed training. They work with families in the Parenting Skills office, in the DCS office or in client homes.

Both counselors and parent aides use and build on family strengths to help family members maintain their identity as a family and their family relationships during separation. Counselors have therapeutic conversations with clients about the issues that led to DCS intervention. They also help facilitate communication and problem solving among family members.

Parent aides often transport children to visits with their families and create progress notes about the nature of the parent-child interaction. They also assist families in identifying and accessing community resources in order to ameliorate the conditions that contribute to families living apart.

Both counselors and parent aides disseminate information on parenting and effective individual functioning. Parent aides and counselors also prepare monthly written reports that are submitted to DCS. These reports are used to help make decisions about permanent plans for children.

Counseling and Parent Aide Services FAQ

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