How to Become a Foster Parent

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Pre-Application Process

How do I start the foster care process?
I am going through a divorce, can I still apply?
I have a past arrest record, would this prevent me from becoming a foster parent?
Can I start the process if I’m about to move into a new residence?
I am not a U.S. citizen. Can I become a foster parent?
I do not have a driver’s license, can I still foster?
I have another adult who resides in my home, can I still foster?
Do I need to have a job?
I work full-time, can I foster parent?
Do I have to own a home?
Do I need experience working with children?
I am licensed with another agency, can I transfer or how do I switch?


What are the requirements to be a foster parent?
What training must I complete to become a licensed foster parent?
What are the requirements for my home to pass the state inspection?
How many bedrooms do I need?
How long does it take to get a foster care license?
How long is a license good for?


What is DDD?
What is the difference between DDD and regular foster care?
Are there different training requirements to become a DDD foster parent?
Does my residence or vehicle need to have wheelchair ramps or other adaptive equipment (i.e. shower bars, wheelchair lockdowns in vehicle)?
What age ranges can I care for with DDD?